Craving exceptional sushi in Tampa? Look no further than Kanji Sushi & Ramen! In Tampa Bay, Kanji Sushi & Ramen is a beacon for sushi lovers, offering a menu brimming with authentic and innovative Japanese dishes. Each plate is a feast for the eyes and the palate, inviting diners to explore the delightful world of sushi in a warm and welcoming setting. With a focus on flavor and quality, Kanji Sushi & Ramen provides a sushi experience that is both unique and unforgettable. Dive into a menu where tradition meets creativity, and every bite is a celebration of the finest sushi in town!


Diverse and Rich Menu

Kanji Sushi & Ramen takes pride in presenting a wide array of delicious options for all sushi enthusiasts. The menu is crafted to perfection, featuring unique dishes that guarantee a blissful experience for every guest.

Kitchen Zensai

Kick off your meal with delightful starters like Ika Tempura, a lightly battered calamari, or enjoy the crispy sensation of Kani Karaage, a soft-shell crab delight that will whet your appetite for the main course.

Sushi Bar Zensai

Discover a vibrant selection with the Sushi Bar Zensai menu at Kanji. Start with Dynamite Gyokai, a baked delight of varied seafood with spicy mayo. Savor the Hamachi Jalapeno, a delicate blend of Yellowtail Sashimi with jalapeno, sriracha, and ponzu. The Kurokosho Maguro presents a zesty, seasoned adventure with black pepper and furikake seasoned tuna, seared to perfection. Each dish offers a distinct flavor profile, inviting you to explore the many delightful tastes of Kanji’s Sushi Bar Zensai.


Signature Dishes: Kanji’s Specials

The Kanji Tokubetsu Maki section showcases specialty rolls like the Kanji, a delectable roll with shrimp tempura, asparagus, and cream cheese, topped with various fresh sashimi and a drizzle of the signature Kanji sauce.

Sushi Moriawase

For those who prefer a variety of flavors in one serving, the Sushi Moriawase selections offer the perfect combinations. The Kantan Maki, for instance, is a delightful assortment of California, Salmon, and Tuna maki.

Teishoku Sets

The Teishoku set meals are complete packages that deliver a full dining experience. Whether you opt for a Don rice bowl or a Ramen set, each is served with complementary sides, making your meal both balanced and satisfying.

Dezato to Die For

End your delightful dining experience with desserts like the Mango Mango, a delightful blend of mango puree, fresh cream, and mascarpone, or indulge in the decadent Chocolate Mousse with a sprinkle of pink Himalayan sea salt and roasted Walnut.


An Unforgettable Culinary Experience Awaits

Every dish at Kanji Sushi & Ramen is a masterpiece, crafted meticulously to offer a memorable dining experience for all guests. With a menu that boasts an extensive selection of unique and delicious dishes, Kanji stands as the premier destination for the best sushi in Tampa Bay.


Your Kanji Experience Begins Now

Ready to dive into a sea of flavors? Kanji Sushi & Ramen awaits to take you on a culinary journey like no other. For an unforgettable experience of sushi in Tampa, there’s no place like Kanji Sushi & Ramen. Embark on a delightful gastronomic adventure today, and let your taste buds revel in the magic of the best sushi places in Tampa!